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2019-09 19 2019-09
云天收夏色,木叶动秋声。 The 35th Teacher's Day celebration is held in our school . In order to celebrate the 70th birthday of New China and promote the respect of teachers in the new era, our school held the 35th Teacher's Day celebration meeting in Peiwu classroom of the comprehensive building on September 10. School leaders, all faculty and staff attended the conference. At the meeting, the principal of Yunyang No. 4 delivered a celebration speech. He extended holiday congratulations and sincere thanks to all teachers, comrades and staff who are struggling in the field of education. President Yang summarized the progress and achievements made in the construction of our school in recent years, and put forward ardent expectations, and called on all faculty members to be good teachers, be strict with themselves, rigorous academics, be courageous, continue to learn, and be willing to contribute. The development of the postal school contributes its own wisdom and sweat, making the postal school gradually develop into a distinctive professional construction, advanced talent training mode, and experimental training
2019-04 30 2019-04
湖北省邮电学校成立于1958年8月;于1960年升格为“湖北省邮电学院”,同年8月迁址麻城浮桥河;1960年11月更名为“湖北省邮电学校” Our school held the "May 4th" commendation ceremony and the sworn ceremony of the new members. Hubei Post and Telecommunications School was established in August 1958; it was upgraded to "Hubei Provincial Institute of Posts and Telecommunications" in 1960, and moved to the Fuqiao River in Macheng in August of the same year; November 1960 Renamed to "Hubei Post and Telecommunications School"
2019-03 26 2019-03
阳春三月,生机勃勃,雷锋月焕发出新的活力与激情。 Our school's Lei Fengyue series of activities came to a successful conclusion in March and March of the spring and summer. Lei Fengyue glowed with new vitality and passion. In order to inherit the spirit of Lei Feng, carry forward the tradition of doing good deeds for young students of the Post School, and further implement the core values of socialism, our school launched a series of activities to learn Lei Feng this month. First, the Volunteer Association of the Youth League Committee of the School, the Party Committee and the Youth League Committee of the Calligraphy and Painting Society went to the corresponding Fifth Ring Road Community to help and sympathize. Everyone acted separately to clean up the sanitation of the streets and dilapidated residential buildings in the community, and refreshed the community environment. Volunteers They visited and visited the poor elderly in the community to bring warmth to their hearts and lives. The second is to vigorously publicize the spirit of Lei Feng. The school carried out the theme of “Learning Lei Feng Shu Xin Feng” blackboard newspapers and window displays to promote Lei Feng's deeds and Lei Feng's famous sayings with vivid pictures, and called on the students to learn the spirit of Lei Feng and create a strong campus atmosphere. Third, the Volunteer Association and the Painting and Calligraphy Agency launched a sale of painting and calligraphy agency works in the employee cafeteria.
2019-03 25 2019-03
为弘扬“助人为乐”的雷锋精神,关注弱势群体,进一步践行社会主义核心价值观,营造良好的校园氛围,2019年3月21日,我校团委青年志愿者协会联合校书画社组织了“让爱成长”书画作品爱心义卖活动。 Learning from Lei Feng Yang Chaoqi Dedication to promote the spirit of Lei Feng "help others", pay attention to the vulnerable groups, further practice the core values of socialism, and create a good campus atmosphere. On March 21, 2019, the Youth Volunteer Association of the Youth League Committee of our school joined forces The School Calligraphy and Painting Society organized a charity sale of "Let Love Grow" calligraphy and painting works. The bazaar booth was set at the intersection of the restaurant with a lot of people. Everyone had done all the preparations for the bazaar activity in advance. At noon, the trainees and staff of the company went to the restaurant to eat. Volunteers began to sell, attracting a large number of students. Stopping with the staff, everyone went to the booth to select Xinyi's work, generously unpacked it, and signed a commemorative memory. At 13 pm, the bazaar was basically over. All the works in this exhibition were sold, and a total of 640 yuan was raised. This event received strong support and enthusiastic response from company leaders, faculty, and training course participants.
2019-08 13 2019-08
根据湖北省人力资源和社会保障厅、湖北省教育厅《关于做好第三届“楚天园丁奖”、湖北省农村先进教师和先进教育工作者评选表彰工作的通知》(鄂人社奖〔2019〕22号)精神,经学校研究,我校推荐秦焕珍老师为第三届“楚天园丁奖”候选人,基本情况如下: 一、候选人基本情况秦焕珍,女,1966年3月生,中共党员,1985年7月留校任教至今。 The recommendation to recommend Qin Huanzhen as the "Chutian Gardener Award Candidate for the Third Session" was published according to the "About the 3rd" Chutian Gardener Award "for Hubei Province's Rural Advanced Teachers and The Notice on the Selection and Commendation of Advanced Education Workers (Erenshe Award [2019] No. 22) is based on the spirit. After school research, our school recommends Teacher Qin Huanzhen as the candidate for the third "Chutian Gardener Award". The basic situation is as follows: 2. Basic Information of Candidates Qin Huanzhen, female, born in March 1966, member of the Communist Party of China, has been a teacher in the school since July 1985. Since joining the work, he has been engaged in teaching for a long time, and is now a China Telecom Group-level internal trainer. Taken a total of more than 20 courses of teaching tasks, presided over the preparation of "Marketing", "Computer Application-Postal Specialization", "Post Finance" and other professional preparations and the construction of the training environment. Independently according to the needs of corporate transformation and development Develop multiple training courses and undertake teaching work, trainees1
2019-05 14 2019-05
中等职业学校教育质量年度报告(2018年) 湖北省邮电学校二〇一八年十二月目录1.学校情况1 1.1. 学校概况1 1.2. 学生情况2 1.3. 教师队伍3 1.4. 设施设备4 2.学生发展5 2.1. 学生素质5 2.2. 在校体验6 2.3. 资助情况6 2.4. 就业质量6 2.5. 职业发展7 3.质量保障措施8 3.1. 专业动态调整8 3.2. 教育教学改革9 3.3. 教师培养培训10 3.4. 规范管理情况11 3.5. Annual report on the quality of secondary vocational schools (2018) Annual report on the quality of secondary vocational schools (2018) Hubei Post and Telecommunications School December 2018 Catalog 1. School situation 1 1.1. School profile 1 1.2. Student situation 2 1.3 Faculty 3 1.4. Facilities 4 2. Student development 5 2.1. Student quality 5 2.2. School experience 6 2.3. Funding 6 2.4. Employment quality 6 2.5. Career development 7 3. Quality assurance measures 8 3.1. Professional developments Adjustment 8 3.2. Education and teaching reforms 9 3.3. Teacher training and training 10 3.4. Standardized management 11 3.5.
2018-06 28 2018-06
为了引导学生养成优良的学习和生活习惯,提高自我约束管理的能力,从而进一步加强班级和校园文明的建设,学生会于学期初开展了早操、晚自习、晚间查寝以及校寝卫生文明规范等4项日常评比活动,经过16周的严格考评,获奖班级及寝室名单如下: 序号评比项目名次班级1 早操评比第一名物流1701,通信1746,通信1644 第二名物流1702,通信1748,通信1642,通信1747,通信1751 第三名通信1641,通信1643,通信1645,通信1750,通信1749 2 晚自习评比第一名物流1702,通信1642,通信1644 第二名 The four evaluation results of the second semester of the 2017-2018 school year . After four weeks of rigorous evaluation, including 16 daily evaluation activities, including self-study, night check-ups, and school hygiene standards, the list of award-winning classes and bedrooms is as follows: 1644 second place logistics 1702, communication 1748, communication 1642, communication 1747, communication 1751 third place communication 1641, communication 1643, communication 1645, communication 1750, communication 1749 Second place
2017-03 28 2017-03
鄂邮校青字【2017】6号各团支部: 为弘扬“五四”精神,继承和发扬共青团优良传统,增强同学们的社会责任感和历史使命感,促进良好校风的形成,激励团员青年刻苦学习、奋发图强,努力成长为德、智、体、美、劳全面发展的具有中国特色社会主义事业的建设者和接班人,校团委决定于五月开展“先进团支部”、“先进个人”表彰活动。 Notice on carrying out the "May Commendation" activity Eyou School Qingzi [2017] No. 6 branch branches: To carry forward the spirit of the May Fourth Movement, inherit and carry forward the fine traditions of the Communist Youth League, and enhance students' sense of social responsibility and historical mission, Promote the formation of a good school spirit, inspire youth members to study hard, work hard, and strive to grow into the builders and successors of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics, which is a comprehensive development of morality, wisdom, physical fitness, beauty, and labor. "Advanced League Branch" and "Advanced Individual" recognition activities. I. Purpose of the activity: Through the launch of commendation activities, commendation is advanced, typical is established, a healthy and progressive campus atmosphere is formed, the comprehensive quality of students is improved, and the needs of education reform and social development are met. 2. Honorary title and quota allocation: 1. Advanced individual award: Serial number Honorary title Class name
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